A Wish for Leadership

As a youth motivational speaker at the national level and locally here in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area I am approached at many of my leadership presentations for a copy of Dr. Earl Ruem’s Leadership Poem.  Please feel free to use this as I do.  In an effort to build a generation of young people who will be prepared to take on the challenges of running the world.  11022518_838371252912551_4044680186852117319_o









I sincerely wish you will have the experience of thinking up a new idea, planning it, organizing it, and following it to completion and have it be magnificently successful.

I also hope you’ll go through the same process and have it “bomb out!”

I wish you could know how it feels to “run” with all your heart, and lose horribly!

I wish you could find something so worthwhile that you deem it worth investing your life within it.

I wish you could achieve some “great” good for humankind, but have nobody know about it except you.

I hope you become frustrated and challenged enough to begin to push back the barriers of your own personal limitations.

I hope you make a stupid mistake and get caught red-handed and are big enough to say those magic words, “I was wrong!”

I hope you give so much of yourself that some days you wonder if it is worth all the effort.

I wish for you a magnificent obsession that will give you reason for living and purpose and direction for life.

I wish for you the worst kind of criticism for everything you do, because that makes you fight to achieve beyond what you normally would.

I wish for you the experience of leadership! — Dr. Earl Reum

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