The top reasons you are under appreciating the millennial generation:

Young people have always received the brunt of society’s disapproval. And yet, Millennials may be the most heavily scrutinized generation to face persecution. Those who were born between 1980 in year 2000 are commonly referred to as the technologically obsessed, high maintenance and socially awkward individuals that make up the bulk of consumer society. While these personality traits are shared by some Millennials, there are a number of reasons why many of us under appreciate this generation. Traveling the country as a youth motivational speaker and working with young people for over a decade has allowed me to take note of some of the more amazing traits Millennials exhibit.
Millennials value peace:
This group wants to find a way that we can lead lives of coexistence. This generation is the most unlikely to to enter conflict or join the military than any other in the past.
This generation is motivated:
Millennials are very confident group and they are extremely adaptive to change. Many people born within this age group are more willing to take risks, to work longer hours and to get out and experience the world.
The generation is educated and diverse:
Not only do Millennials take a stand on equality and push for equal rights for all marginalized groups but the generation is more diverse than any other in North America previously. As the most educated generation the planet has ever seen they have an ability to catapult the planet into the future.
Environmental consciousness:
Millennials take a stand on the environment and they are the most likely generation to consider volunteering to create social change as well as environmental change. This generation knows that in order to survive as a society, it is important to pool together and to protect the resources that we have today.
Free thinking:
Members of the millennial generation truly can think for themselves and question everything. Although many millennial seem obsessed with technology, it is often because they’re taking the time to learn what’s important in the world and how they can express themselves on a worldwide scale.
Keep some of these reasons in mind and more for why you may be under appreciating the millennial generation. If you would like to learn more about these subjects, consider a conversation with this student success advocate and keynote speaker. As a youth motivational speaker, I am here to provide support to millennials!

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