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About Tim

Tim is a nationally recognized and insanely talented youth motivational speaker, teen coach, and author. He connects with his audiences through side-splitting comedy, and motivates through engaging storytelling tied in with personal experiences.

At an early age, Tim was identified as a “troubled child.” Having been arrested for the first of many times by the age of eleven, Tim was plagued with bad decisions.

One day Tim ‘woke-up’ – he had had enough and knew deep down his life was inclined for better.

Tim decided to turn his life around. He started with his family, then he climbed the ranks of Corporate America. He provided his leadership skills to fortune 500 companies, and now provides endless hours of his time and experience working with teens and young people across the country.

Tim believes it is ‘the giver’ who truly receives, and in helping others, ‘the helper’ who receives the maximum benefit.

As an award winning speaker, Tim travels the country discussing Teen Potential, healthy decision-making for teens, and the powerful resiliency that lives in young people.  His message is perfect for any middle school, high school, or leadership conference.

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015


  • I thought he was teaching me how to be a
    10 months ago by timjacksontalks I thought he was teaching me how to be a man. Turns out he was showing me how to be a Dad.  #happyfathersday 
  • If a picture can tell 1000 words this would simply
    11 months ago by timjacksontalks If a picture can tell 1000 words, this would simply say Daniel Baker 500 times in a row.
  • Before my grandfather passed he told me Id be a
    1 year ago by timjacksontalks Before my grandfather passed he told me I'd be a success if I left the world a better place than I found it. I am grateful to Windsor High School for having me in to contribute what I could to their learning experience.
  • Laying in bed with a full blown man cold Someone
    1 year ago by timjacksontalks Laying in bed with a full blown man cold. Someone send soup.
  • I believe in young people today I am moved by
    1 year ago by timjacksontalks I believe in young people today. I am moved by their compassion for others and their passion to make a change. I've been watching them. They have what it takes to make a difference. They are our new sleeping giant.


Speaking Programs

Service to Others

Keynote & Workshops

In this inspirational keynote, Tim delves into his personal experiences, as well as the evidence-based research and neuroscience behind the incredible effects of helping people, and the prevailing rewards and benefits in giving yourself and service to others.


Keynote & Workshops

Without a doubt, there may be children in this world who respond to being told not to put their hand on a hot stove...unfortunately, Tim has never actually met one. This assembly is based on the powerful differences between negative actions and consequences of unhealthy decisions, compared with positive actions and the benefits of making healthy decisions, and especially how your choices undoubtedly affect others.


Keynote & Workshops

Having spent fifteen years climbing the ranks of financial sales in Corporate America to number three in New Jersey for Wells Fargo, and number three Nationally for MetLife Bank, Tim knows what it takes to be successful in business, in the community, and at home. Teens thrive on his approach and come away with key skills to implement immediately.

What People Say

  • I was perpetually blown away by your presentation. If I felt it I know my kids felt it. Words can not express the passion that I witness when I watched you. My kids loved it, Javon and Alijah are still talking about it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

    Sharmaine Youth Coordinator - Hanac Learning Services

  • Teen Testimonials Students

  • Emily Farrell AmeriCorps, Teen Coordinator

  • Rockaway Valley School Assistant Principal

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